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JUST IN: Vector Drawing Reviews & Articles  

corel draw x3 serif drawplus 8 xara xtreme
CorelDRAW X3:
The best update for years.

Archived reviews:
CorelDraw 12, 11 10, 9, 8
DrawPlus 8: Easy vector shape and brush-based handling at an excellent price.

Xara Xtreme: The fastest drawing app around - and much the best value.

Vector Drawing Reviews 

canvas x corel designer 12 corel draw x3
Canvas X: Specialist power from the graphics all-rounder.

Archived reviews:
Canvas 9, 8, 7, 6, 5
Corel Designer 12: A technical spin on Corel's all-round power.

Archived reviews:
Corel Designer 10, 9
CorelDRAW X3:
The best update for years.

Archived reviews:
CorelDraw 12, 11 10, 9, 8
serif drawplus 8 expression 3 freehand mx
DrawPlus 8: Easy vector shape and brush-based handling at an excellent price.

Expression 3: Artistic brush-based vector power.

Archived reviews:
Expression 2
FreeHand MX: Streamlined drawing app is back with a bang.

Archived reviews:
FreeHand 10, 9, 8
illustrator cs2 real draw pro 3 sketchup 4
Illustrator CS2 : New interface, new power and a new approach to drawing.

Archived reviews:
Illustrator CS, 10, 9, 8, 7
RealDRAW Pro 3: Vector and bitmap power at an unbelievable price.

Archived reviews:
RealDRAW Pro 2
SketchUp 4: Take your 2D drawing skills into 3D.

Archived reviews:
SketchUp 3, 2.1
vector studio

xara xtreme
The following reviews are of older and discontinued vector-based software that might still be of interest:

[PhotoDraw 2000 2], [PhotoDraw 2000 1], [PhotoGraphics 1], [PrintOffice 2000], [
PrintOffice 1], [Sapphire Pack], [Satori 3],
[Satori 2.5], [Streamline 4],[Windows Draw 6], [Windows Draw 5], [Wright Design 1]
Vector Studio 2: Take Illustrator into new creative territory.

Archived reviews:
Vector Studio 1
Xara Xtreme: The fastest drawing app around - and much the best value.

Archived reviews:
Xara X1, X, 2, 1

Vector Drawing Articles and Tutorials  

  hands-on / tutorial  
(most recent first)
AdobeMacromedia Is the proposed merger good news or bad?

Live Trace/Paint Illustrator reinvents vector drawing. Creative Roundup Which is the most creative app of all?
3D to 2D Converting from 3D models to 2D drawings. Corel or Not? CorelDRAW, Illustrator or FreeHand?. 2D to 3D: Give your 2D work a new dimension.
Creative Suite Is the new Creative Suite right for you? Illustrator Plug-ins Take Illustrator into new territory. Data-Driven Draw: Automate your creative work
SVG Format Is this the future of web vectors? Vector Brushes It's not just bitmap apps that can do brushes. Vector Transparency: Move beyond boring flat fills.
EPS Format The all-important vector publishing format.

CorelDRAW Tutorial Put Corel through its paces.



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